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(All photos below are screengrabs from their film)


I first met Dani and Tim in November 2022, when they came to Gisborne for an engagement shoot with Ellen. As I was filming their wedding, I decided to come along to the shoot and hang out. It was a super fun, sunny afternoon in Wainui Beach shooting and getting to know them.

Fast forward to March 23, the venue they chose for their wedding was The River House in Hawkes Bay, a beautiful spot by the Tukituki River, with stunning views of the rolling vines, the river, and the hills of Te Mata Peak, making the perfect backdrop.


Having already glimpsed into Dani and Tim's love story during our catch up in November, I was inspired to craft a wedding film that conveyed the authenticity of their connection, letting the images and audio from the day do the storytelling.

When I got to the venue in the morning, the spot where the ceremony would take place caught my eye - an aisle surrounded by cypress trees, and an epic backdrop of the rolling hills. I started thinking of creative ways to capture this setting, and ended up shooting the ceremony with a camera on a tripod, my main camera on one hand, the super 8 camera on the other, and I left the drone floating up high, hoping I framed and exposed the shot correctly as I couldn’t have the controller on me as well. This resulted in a cool 3 angle ceremony sequence which added a layer of cinematic magic to their vows.

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding filmmaker is the numerous love stories I encounter, each unique and beautiful in their own ways.

Dani and Tim’s celebration stood out as a magical fusion of cultures, with their wedding being a blend of Spanish and English speeches. This was extra special to me, coming from Uruguay, to witness their love in the most authentic way, each speaking their mother tongues.

When crafting their film, my objective was to convey the raw, real, and unique love that Dani and Tim share. I shoot and edit from the heart, to share the emotions and feelings of the day, just as it happened. As I immersed myself in the editing process, the emotions I felt while capturing their day resurfaced.

Making wedding films is more than a job to me; it’s a personal journey to convey the essence of each couple’s love. Creating these memories is a privilege to me, crafting a tale of love that will be revisited for years to come.


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