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Updated: Dec 16, 2023

A photo journal about my time in Picara, my friends Jaquetta & Dean's sailing boat, in Sumbawa, Indonesia.

All photos taken on 35mm film.

So beautiful sharing this experience with good friends. Blair getting his board ready for a morning Surf

Waking up, afloat on the Indian Ocean.

A salty, refreshing breeze on my skin.

Echoes of distant fishermen.

Looking at the stars dim as the sky gets lighter and changes tones.

The scent of coffee fills the cabin. Oat flatties and muesli taste even better on board.

A short trip to a nearby wave.

Surfing with friends, sharing waves in an empty lineup.

Does it get better than that?


Forever grateful

Forever grateful for this experience, thanks Jaquetta, Dean, Guido, and Blair for the laughs, party waves, and the best possible company. Thanks Indonesia and its people for always welcoming us, and thanks to The Ocean for letting us ride your waves.


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