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I grew up in Uruguay, in a small town just outside of the capital, Montevideo.

I was lucky enough to spend lots of time in the ocean, and learning to surf from a young age, which fuelled my passion for the sea and the natural world.


During my teenage years, I started getting drawn to photography and cinematography, playing around with a camera and putting together little surf & skate edits with friends.

wedding video helicopter

Above the Port Hills in Christchurch

About me

Most of what I know, I learnt by doing and trying different things. I don't have a university degree, as when I was that age, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Rather, I tried different things, took multiple courses and explored different fields, obtaining qualifications in video postproduction, creative advertising, and nutrition. I love learning and consider myself a lifelong student, always studying and seeking knowledge in areas that interest me.

Tam & Nic's wedding in Gisborne

gisborne wedding videographer
surfing bali videographer

In 2016, when I turned 20, I got a visa for 1 year in New Zealand. So I left, looking for a change of culture, waves, and something that would hopefully give me some clarity and sense of direction.

For the next 3 years I lived a rather nomadic life, travelling, surfing, and immersing myself as much as I could in the culture of each place I visited. During this time my concept of home and belonging changed, realising that for me, it's the people that make a place home, rather than the place itself. I also found that real, genuine, and honest human connections is one of the things I value most.

Surfing in Sumbawa, Indonesia

Uluwatu, Bali

Today I am based in Tairāwhiti Gisborne, but 

Uruguay & Indonesia are also home to me.

In Gisborne I co-founded Zephyr Wainui with 3 friends, a plant based cafe by the beach. Zephyr is an outlet for me to share my interest for health and nutrition, and living a balanced life aligned with my values.

Some the values that drive my life include integrity, service, creativity, and connection. 

It's very important to me for my work to be reflective of these. I see Zephyr as a service to the Gisborne Community, I get to explore my creativity through my film projects, and I am constantly meeting and connecting with amazing, inspiring people through my work.

I am always trying to be a better version of myself than I was the day before, and live a conscious, graceful life, in connection with my environment to contribute to this world positively.

zephyr wainui

Making coffees at Zephyr


Abut my work
new zealand wedding videographer

I create as a way to connect with myself, other individuals, and the environment in a deeper way. Thanks to art, I see the world around me with different perspectives, and look at everything more attentively, intentionally focusing on details that otherwise would go unseen, finding magic in the mundane.


I am passionate about capturing the beauty that surrounds me, in a raw, real & natural way, to create storytelling pieces that convey the magic of life, nature, & human connection.

Shooting in Taupo, NZ

Rick Rubin

I love bringing an idea into reality through films, to portray mine & my clients vision, and help make something that was only a idea in someones head, into something others can also appreciate.

Through my work I hope to inspire people to live a life in connection with themselves, nature & their environment.

bali surf


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