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About Me

I'm Tiago. I grew up in Uruguay where I studied creative advertising & video postproduction. When I turned 19 I left Uruguay for New Zealand, looking for waves, cultural change, and unknowingly, my true self. For the next 3 years I travelled non stop around the world, and my life's direction kept changing every month.

In late 2019 I moved to Tairāwhiti Gisborne, where I'm based today. Apart from running my videography business I co-own and operate Zephyr Wainui, a plant based cafe in Wainui Beach.

I shoot using different gear and styles like digital, analog super 8 film, drones, water cameras, etc.

When it comes to making wedding films, I like to observe and shoot things as they naturally are. I focus on candid moments and emotions. My goal is to capture the essence of  the day as it happens, to create a cinematic, emotional film that's true the the day. I don't shoot to enhance my portfolio or ego, but to create timeless memories for you to revisit the day for years to come.
I really enjoy using super8 film as it gives memories a unique and romantic look.

I have combined video & photo packages with Ellen , which will create a combination of photos & video that follow one aesthetic and cohesive story. We are both based in Gisborne but can travel anywhere.
If you're interested to know more about my wedding video packages please get in touch below.
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